Wholesome Living Community

Wholesome Living Community

A place to ‘meet’ others that are on the journey to upgrading what they eat so it meets their higher standards of food production, nutritional intake and social & environmental impact.

This is a facebook group dedicated to helping you on the transition to nourishment & wholesomeness. A place to discuss, share tips and tools, post recipes, ask for inspiration, help & support.

We will also be using this group to communicate with you from time to time to ask you for your valued feedback on new and exciting projects and services that are coming up, launches of new programs and content that’s in the pipeline.

To join the club for free, make sure you’ve signed up to our updates, you’ll be given a link to join the community once the sign up process has been completed.

If you’re a member of our Good Food Collective you will already have received an invite to join. If you’ve somehow missed it, do feel free to join again here.


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