Order Your Organic Raw Milk

Raw MilkWhat does the milk cost?

  • £2.20 per litre in 1 litre  glass bottles.  *Glass bottles are an extra £1.00 per bottle and they are yours to keep and reuse for future orders*
  • £2.20 per litre in 5 litre poly bottles – (no extra charge for poly bottle, first order only) = £11 per 5 litre poly bottle
  • £2.20 per litre in 10 litre poly bottles – (no extra charge for poly bottle) = £22 per 10 litre poly bottle

Is there any extra charge for the containers & bottles?

Our focus is to limit waste as much as possible, given this we intend to re-use containers and bottles for the supply of Raw milk. The cost of 1 litre glass bottles will be added to your order if you would like milk to be supplied in 1 litre amounts.

Glass Bottle

  • 1 litre Glass bottles £1.00 per bottle – we recommend you buy 2 sets of your glass bottles. One set can be picked up by us for your next order when we come and deliver your milk. The cost of empty 1 litre glass bottles will be added to your next order if we have yet to pick up your bottles to re-use.



  • 5L5 litre poly bottles can be bought from us at £1.50 per bottle – we recommend you buy 2 sets of poly bottles. One set can be picked up by us for your next order, when we come and deliver your milk. For your first order we will be re-using poly bottles from our existing stock.  If you wish to supply your own bottles we recommend the 5 litre Mineral water bottles (they can be bought from supermarkets and re-used once empty).  These are what we will be using to supply your milk. They come in clear / blue PET plastic.


  • If you would like to purchase milk in 10 litre containers we will supply the containers for you free of charge. Please ensure that you wash thoroughly and have them ready for us to pick up so we can re-use them for your future orders.  If you are collecting your milk from Sparkhill, please drop off your washed containers at the collection address when picking up your next order.

***Please note: Do feel free to label your bottles (maybe with a permanent marker) so you know they are yours

Can I collect the milk from you?

Yes. Collection can be arranged from one of our team members who is based in Sparkhill, Birmingham. Collections can only be arranged for Thursday late afternoons / evenings. The full address for collection will be forwarded once your order has been placed and paid for.

How often can I order?

We will be taking orders on a fortnightly basis. Deliveries take place on a Friday. Collections would need to be arranged for the day before – Thursday.  Please check our delivery schedule for dates.

How do I order?

Please send a list of items and quantities you require to:  Please ensure that you mention The Organic Shed when your order to benefit from our exclusive discount for Collective members.

How do I pay?

Only paid for orders will be processed for collection. Payment must be completed in advance of the group order being submitted to our supplier for processing. All payments will be required to be completed by BACS transfer.  Account details will be given to you once you have placed an order.


The regulations say that we must state the following:

“This milk has not been heat-treated and may therefore contain organisms harmful to health.”


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