Delivery Schedule

We are just confirming the rest of the Birmingham delivery schedule for this year and will be updating this page very soon. Our Good Food Collective members will get direct notification of future updates. Make sure you’ve joined.

Willowbrook Farm Produce Delivery Schedule is below. All orders are taken and processed by our delivery partners Mango Delivery.

Order By
Delivery Date
Payment By
Weds 1st March 2017Friday 10th March 2017Sun 12th March 2017
Weds 29th March 2017Friday 7th April 2017Sun 9th April 2017
Weds 10th May 2017Friday 19th May 2017Sun 21st May 2017
Weds 14th June 2017Friday 23rd June 2017Sun 25th June 2017
Weds 12th July 2017Friday 21st July 2017Sun 23rd July 2017
Weds 2nd Aug 2017Friday 11th Aug 2017Sun 13th Aug 2017
Weds 6th Sept 2017Friday 15th Sept 2017Sun 17th Sept 2017
Weds 4th Oct 2017Friday 13th Oct 2017Sun 15th Oct 2017
Weds 1st Nov 2017Friday 10th Nov 2017Sun 12th Nov 2017
Weds 13th Dec 2017Friday 22nd Dec 2017Sun 24th Dec 2017