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Our Story

The Organic Shed was set up by us, a little local family: Mohammed, Uzma and our daughter Hafsa. The Family

As a family, our organic meat journey started when it was time to begin introducing solid food to our baby daughter. We made the decision to not expose her to meat that had been treated with chemicals and so began the hunt for suppliers of meat that had been produced in the most natural way possible.

Liking the look of Willowbrook Farm we took the leap, invested in a new freezer to be housed in the garage and ordered meat that could keep us going for 6 months to justify paying the delivery charge! I’m sure we’re not the only ones that have done that, ordered huge amounts of food so we can get it at a cheaper price or save on regular delivery charges.

Trouble is not everyone can do that. Not everyone can afford that initial outlay, sure people can order as a group of friends and family and split the costs and yes initial outlay will be less but how many of us have enough friends and family who are on the same page with regards to the type of food they would like to buy? Unfortunately, we weren’t connected to a network of people that were concerned about the meat they were consuming like we were. So ordering as a group at that time was out of the question.

6 months later, and a trip to the farm for an open day confirmed to us that we needed to make more people aware of how the animals that we consume were being reared and also allow more people to be able to buy ethically produced halal meat if budget was a constraint.

So begalamb-chops-440x300n the start of The Organic Shed, initially, our way of helping more people access free range, naturally reared halal meat by organising group orders to help reduce delivery costs for families which may have prevented them from ordering the meat in the past.

Our vision for The Organic Shed has grown since then. We asked ourselves the question, if we can do it with meat can we do it with other food items and what about non-food items? How can we reduce the cost of eating good food for us and other families like us, by working together?

Hoping our work can continue to help us question and perfect our consuming habits.

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