The perfect hearty and filling soup for the winter days.  One of the flagship soups in Khadija’s house. Khadija from Macy Super Soups uses locally sourced organic halal meat, vegetables and sprouts the lentil and chickpeas when making this soup.  Another tip would be to use brown rice noodles instead of wheat noodles to help make the healthiest gluten free version of this tasty soup.

Boneless lamb
Lamb bone broth
Brown lentils
Brown rice noodles
Tomatoe paste and fresh tomatoes without skin.
Fresh parsley and coriander.
Himalayan salt and pepper
Tumeric ginger powder
Cinnamon powder
Cumin powder


Step 1
Cook celery, tomatoes,paste and onions in water till soft.and then puree.

Step 2
Cook the lamb in half water and bone broth with chickpeas, lentils and spices till tender.

step 3
Add together celery mix in step 1 with lamb and lentil mix in step 2.
Add noodles and fresh herbs and cook till noodles are done…


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Macy Super Soups create artisan, halal organic soups from from their bone broth using the best superfoods, spices, herbs, vegetables and halal, organic, un-stunned lamb and chicken fresh from the farm. They believe that it is with nutrition and continuous lifestyle changes that we are able to fight inflammation in our bodies and thus cure and heal ourselves of any disease we may be experiencing. Check out their website to find out about all the different soups they do. They also offer hampers for pregnancy, post natal recovery and detoxes.