This blog is written by Uzma Asghar, a busy mum of 2 who has confessed to being a little bit lax when it comes to self-care.

Let me introduce you to Aliya, a holistic therapy practitioner who runs Holistic Therapy By Aliya for women and is based in Barefoot Yoga in Kings Heath, Birmingham. This little write up will help you get to know her and the treatments that she offers. I had the pleasure of being pampered by experiencing one of her services recently. Aliya gifted me the 2 hour organic facial (yes a whole 2 hours!!). More about that a bit further down, first let’s find out a bit about her:

How did you become a holistic therapy practitioner?

“My journey started off by working in Jo Malone Selfridges. Doing complimentary hand and arm aroma treatments. I loved fascinating customers with the story of each scent Jo Malone had uniquely created. The customers loved the story telling and the feeling that they got from being treated in a prestige caring way. I would then lovingly box, wrap, ribbon tie and perfume their precious gifts. It was such a beautiful magical experience for the customer. I did indeed enjoy helping people feeling special and loved seeing how my contact with each person made them feel at ease, relaxed and happier.

YES! Thats when i started to channel into and venture on an intense advance 2 year holisitic therapy course. Where I so keenly observed and absorbed golden tips my holistic/beauty gurus shared with me 6 years ago and now I’m doing what I’m most best at. Treating people with ancient methods of healing, holistically and organically. The healing treatments I offer include: Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy full body massage, Swedish full body massage and organic/halal/vegan facials.”

How can what you do help me?

“Massage therapies can help reduce depression, anxiety, tension, stress, fatigue, insomnia, muscle tension and many other symptoms. They can help with circulation and detoxification too. Add in organic products to the therapies and that provides more nourishment to the body, these products feed the body with goodness from the outside. That nourishment is enhanced when people are already on an organically led journey and are feeding themselves with goodness on the inside too.”

Tell us a little bit more about the organic products you use

“I use Evolve Organic skincare products in my holistic facial treatments. These products are lovingly handmade in small batches in Hertfordshire, England. Aswell as being organic, they are vegan and cruelty free. I use oils, serums, masks, cleansers and toners during the treatments.”

Which treatment did I receive?

“The soulful healing treatment you received Uzma is the 2 hour organic facial. Healing anxiety in the muscles in the arms, shoulders, chest, face and scalp and deep cleasning the epidermis. Massaging to uplift the epidermis, dermis, increasing blood circulation and releasing blocked pressure for a profond glowly, detoxifying, healing facial.”

Now, some of my thoughts:

To tell you the truth I was a little bit apprehensive about what Aliya might find on my face lol. I mean I’m not very good and looking after it. Well actually my ‘looking after my face’ routine doesn’t really exist. That’s right, I don’t have a face routine. Pants isn’t it? I think I did at one point in my life, but hey I had kids and I decided I needed to let go of things to fit them in. Me massaging my face with all sorts, was one of the many things that went.

How did I find the treatment?

Tremendously relaxing, really really thorough and actually quite educational. Aliya diagnosed my skin and yes some of her observations were well, I would prefer not to have heard lol. I mean which woman wants to know they have a ‘loss of muscle tone’ around their face?! But Aliya reassured me that some of my predicaments she could address and the others, well there are things I could do that could help. So actually I now had a plan of action that I could expand on going forward if I wanted to. Aliya has a very calming and grounding nature about her. She’s reasurring and tremendously passionate about what she does and you can see that in how she treats her clients.

Aliya cleansed, extracted black heads, applied a mask, steamed, toned and massaged my face. She also massaged my head shoulders, upper back and arms during the treatment. I was moisturised and serumized (not sure that’s a real word) very very thoroughly. The 2 hours flew by.

The treatment made my face feel smooth and I was actually glowing. My skin felt really really clean, don’t get me wrong I do wash my face, often, but after the facial it looked and felt clean on a whole new level. I liked it looking and feeling like that. My after picture shows me clearly that my skin loves being taken care of in this way.

I recognise that I could do more to look after my skin. As a result of the treatment I’m very curious to learn more about the organic / natural products that Aliya uses and how I can introduce them into my skincare routine (yes, I am re-embarking on the whole massaging my face with stuff malarky) and I actually do fancy me a facial again, soon.

How can I find out more about what Aliya does / book myself in for what you had?

Drop her a message via her facebook page or instagram page. You can also call her on: 07379 399113

If you’re a member of our Group Ordering Collective like I am, Aliya has got a special discount code for us that will give us 25% off any treatment booked until the end of March 2019. Not yet a member? join here.

Uzma, an active Live LEAN community member, also runs her own business as an Awareness, Alignment and Action mentor for women entrepreneurs who want to increase their impact without losing their sanity. Together they create opportunities in their businesses for financial growth alongside opportunities for them to live life with plenty of room for nourishment, time-out and adventure. While she’s not doing that, her and her little family love creating new recipes and trying their hand at growing their own food. They’ve even had a go at growing their own saffron would you believe?! Do drop her an email to find out more about her work. You can also keep up to date via the following social media platforms: