Uzma has been making this broth regularly for a good few years now. It’s particularly welcome in their house over the winter months when they get the sniffles. It serves as a nourishing warm drink that’s easy on the stomach. Her family happily have it neat to drink with maybe some added seasoning through the winter, they also use it as a stock in soups, curries etc as well as a base for a Pho like dish, popping in noodles, vegetables, maybe some meat and additional herbs and spices.

She uses the following recipe originally sourced from Wellness Mama to make her chicken bone broth.


1 kg bones (a chicken carcass, and any left over chicken bones from cooking & eating)
a few chicken feet (for added collagen)
2 tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar
4 litres of water
1 onion
2 carrots
2 sticks of celery
1 tsp of peppercorns
A couple of bay leaves
Additional dried herbs and spices (cloves, star anise, thyme etc)
4 cloves of garlic
a handful of  chopped coriander / parsley



  1. Put the bones in a roasting pan and roast them in the oven for 30 minutes at 180 degrees celcius
  2. Once roasted, place the bones in a large stock pot (she uses her instant pot).
  3. Pour the water and Apple cider vinegar on the bones and let everything sit for 30 minutes.
  4. Add roughly chopped celery, onion and carrots to the pot
  5. Add salt, pepper and any dried herbs and spices if using
  6. Bring everything to a rolling boil.
  7. Turn the heat down and simmer on a low to medium heat for 24 hours
  8. During the first 2 hours scoop off any frothy scum that comes to the surface, do this every 20 minutes for the first 2 hours. If you are using bones from grass fed / organically reared animals there shouldn’t be much of this to scoop out.
  9. Add garlic and fresh green herbs during the last hour of cooking
  10. Cool slightly, strain and store.



Stores in fridge for around 5 days
Once cooled, there should be a layer of fat on the top which you can scoop off and use for something else. Uzma has done both, kept it in the broth and scooped out to use in her cooking.
Drink hot, neat with added seasoning or use as a stock in your cooking.
The same method can be used to make beef / lamb / fish bone broth. Cooking times will vary.
Beef and lamb broth will need to be cooked for 48hrs
Fish broth, 8hrs

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Uzma, an active Live LEAN community member, also runs her own business helping women entrepreneurs who feel over-squeezed, over-stretched and over-worked, reclaim their flow and freedom. Together they create opportunities in their businesses to help them live life with plenty of room for nourishment, time-out and adventure.  Her and her little family love having the time and energy to create new recipes and try their hand at growing their own food. They’ve even had a go at growing their own saffron would you believe?! Do drop her an email to find out more about her work. You can also keep up to date via the following social media platforms.