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Our work involves making it easier for you to access and benefit from Organic, Free Range, Local & Seasonal Produce. We’re on a mission to bring Halal, ethically and sustainably produced food, closer to you via our Birmingham Good Food Collective¬†as well as share recipes & tips from our community and ideas on how you too can join us on our wholesome living journey.

Birmingham Good Food Collective


Good Food Collective LogoJoin our Birmingham Good Food Collective to benefit from purchasing Halal Free Range / Organic Meat, Honey as well as dry & Pre-packaged Goods without paying hefty delivery charges. We source our Halal Free Range & Organic Meat from Willowbrook Farm in Oxford, our Honey from local Beekeepers and Dry and Pre-Packaged Goods from The Infinity Foods Co-Operative.


Become a Guest Blogger


Write-for-our-blog-Courage-our-new-guest-post-series We’re on the look out for Guest bloggers to share their wholesome, sustainable food journey. If you have recipes, tips or challenges to share then we would love to hear from you! Some of our topics of interest include barriers to the organic/wholesome lifestyle, food preparation & cooking tips and techniques, recipes created by yourself or handed down by generations as well as reviews of dishes prepared at establishments visited. Get in touch if you’d like to contribute!




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