Welcome to The Organic Shed

We’re really excited about having the opportunity to make it easier for you to have a piece of the Organic Lifestyle and bring Halal Organic Produce closer to Birmingham, UK.


Our work at the Organic Shed is inspired by the Islamic concepts of of Halal and Tayyib:

“Oh, you people, eat from the earth what is halal and tayyib …”
(Surat al-Baqarah 2:168)

Most Muslims are familiar with the concept of halal (lawful/permissible), the Islamic equivalent of kosher. But we tend to be less familiar with the concept of tayyib (pure/ethical/wholesome/good). Nearly everywhere that we are enjoined in the Qur’an to eat only of the halal, tayyib is explicitly mentioned as a necessary quality as well.

Our Mission at The Organic Shed is to raise awareness of this requirement of Tayyib in one’s diet and make produce that meets this requirement more accessible to purchase or grow yourself.

Our first project: How wholesome is your halal meat?

As part of this project we co-ordinate a group organic produce delivery service to Birmingham and surrounding areas. Produce includes Halal lamb, beef, chicken, turkey & geese – we’re including eggs too!

Suppliers currently include:
Halaal meat (lamb, chicken, beef, geese, turkey etc) and eggs supplied by Willowbrook Farm. We intend to explore additional organic food options from other suppliers in the future.


Join our Birmingham Food Ordering Collective and get Organic / Free range / Grass fed lamb, beef and chicken delivered straight to your door without having to pay over the odds for delivery from the Farm!